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Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
reaction? >> when you think about the combination of a city like detroit with the incredible history that it brings to the onket, it is history based design, manufacturing, craftsmanship, worth ethic -- work ethic. not for one moment can you diminish the issues and challenges that lie ahead for the city. for us to come here and base our manufacturing facility here combined with great design, wonderful value and equality watch made was swift parts that is assembled using swiss equipment, we thing we have done something very compelling. .his is the actual watch this is what i was talking about a few minutes ago. to my right, you can probably see the limited edition. in celebration of the wright brothers who are steeped in bike manufacturing, we produced a 25 bicycles.on they retail for $2950. fantastic bike. what is next? you said henry ford is the icon that will be ordered -- honored next year. what can we expect to see? >> you will see a very limited edition iconic watch. i'll will be part of what we have lunch, a foundry. is a very broad concept. we had to get a 100 year old brand
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
in new york city. this is "taking stock" on bloomberg. ♪ >> more americans attended a museum last year than all of major league sporting events combined. that is according to the american alliance on museums. st knows about the challenges of running a successful museum, running the ug museum across the river from manhattan. thank you for coming into "taking stock." somebody get to be a museum director? >> maybe if you are not really good in finance, you have to find another way. i have always been in love with art and i was very fortunate to find jobs in new york and in the arts. i was the first director of the we havert fund, which had extraordinary supporters, as has been the bloomberg company. i went on to lower manhattan cultural council in the pre-9/11 new york city, and then i was with the museum. i have been there 10 years and it has been an exciting trajectory. >> michael bloomberg is the founder and majority owner of bloomberg lp, the parent company of bloomberg media. the gucci museum, you combined the foundation with the museum. why that such an usual situation? , youd a pu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2